music & DJing

Hot Ginger can offer DJing and music advice for promoters and event organisers looking to run a swing dance event.
We regularly run swing dance events in Birmingham with live bands and DJ music.
Stephen has developed an extensive collection of swing music from the 1920s - 1960s, as well as some modern jazz bands with a vintage sound, and has performed as a DJ at a number of local, national and international events including:
California Balboa Classic
All Balboa Weekend
New York Bal Week
The Balboa Experiment
London Balboa Exchange
Edinburgh Balboa Exchange
Thames Valley Balboa Festival
The Scoot, Galway
The Swing Fastival
Stephen is also a skilled public speaker and event host. He is an experienced M.C., compère and coordinator for a range of events. 

Stephen has performed M.C. duties at events such as Birmingham Swing Festival and New York Bal Week.

If you are organising a dance or workshop and are looking for a confident, well organised M.C. then get in touch!

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